Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Limbo List

Things we are waiting to find out:

1) Will my husband be accepted to graduate school? The program he applied for is supposed to start at the beginning of the summer and it is already late April. We are waiting to find out about this because it will determine whether or not he is going to be a teacher or if he needs to begin pursuing another career path ASAP. The program pays a stipend, which will be enough to live on (combined with my part-time job). If he does not get into the program, we have no job or income lined up for him after the current school year is over, which is in about 5 or 6 weeks. Letters were supposed to be sent out at the first of April, but the program is funded by the federal government. They did not pass a budget until April 15th. Letters were supposed to go out right after that. Every day now I rush to the mailbox and every day since Monday have been disappointed.

2) Where will my daughter's school be located for next school year? They have narrowed down the possibilities to 2 locations, neither of which is convenient to our house. But they are in opposite directions, one in the East part of town, one in the West. The location of the school will be a big factor in deciding how to work our morning routine.

3) Who will be the director of her school? The former director was let go several months ago and the Board made us think the decision about a new one would be settled by now. 2 weeks ago we received an email that said we would know the next week, last week we received an email that said we would know this week. It is already late in the week.

4) What will happen at my job? There is supposed to be a big announcement tomorrow. Although I know what the announcement is about, I don't yet know what the result/consequence will be for my department or for me personally. It could mean a huge change, or it could be status quo.

5) Should we sell or rent our house? This depends in large part on the answer to 1).

6) Should we move in with my parents? This depends entirely on 1) plus 5). Hah hah, that equals 6)!

7) What will the results of my daughter's latest genetic tests be? We did the blood work a few weeks ago and now just waiting to hear. I am fairly certain they will both come back negative and we will still be waiting to find out...

8) What is causing my daughter's developmental problems? This is the question we have been trying to answer for 3 years now. The doctors find her quite mysterious. We have tested for everything that would possibly be recommended for her symptoms. Now we are going in every 6 months for the geneticist to check her progress and see if anything else is being manifested to give us more of a clue.

9) Will she ever learn to talk? I think this is a yes, but no one can be sure.

10) Will she grow up to be "normal"? Will she ever live independently? I guess no parent of a 3 1/2 year old knows the answer to this question, since none of us knows the future.


  1. 11) What will you cook for dinner?

    I am so eager (but probably not as eager as you) to start checking items off of this list!!!

    In the meantime, just keep singing #711.

    P.S. I love how you worked out 5 and 1 equaling 6! You are such a genius. And they say you can't be pretty AND smart. You blew that one out of the water. :D

  2. Hey Amy! I hope some of these items got checked off this last month. Hugs to you :)